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What About Stop-Motion Videos?

Not familiar with stop-motions? Stop-Motion is a technique that gives products motion. A photographer will manipulate the product by moving it slightly and taking individual photos while doing so… frame by frame. After editing all the images, they are stitched together to make a video.

Creating a successful stop-motion is complicated, there are so many things to consider – light, gear, and the scene you want to portray are just a few. You want to use a photographer who is skilled in this technique.

This video has sound.

Stop-motions are popular, because of their unique quality. It’s playful and fun marketing for your product.

This video has sound.

Stop-motion videos are a such an innovative, fun, and creative way to help stand out in the vast sea of other product-based businesses. Bonus… you might be able to save money with some stop-motion artists because most do not need a model to bring your product to life.


They are a quick way to show what’s in your subscription box.

They can show how your product has different options or paint choices.

This video has sound.

Believe it or not… they can show how to use your product as well.

This video has sound

There are so many reasons why using stop-motions videos in your brand can be useful. My personal favorite reason is because it’s going to stop a consumer in their scroll to watch it and it could lead them to looking at your page for more!

Stop-motions are a great way to bring more eyes and engagement to your website and social media feed. Want a stop-motion? I know a girl - contact me to get started!

Kelli is a brand & product photographer located in South Carolina. Her specialty is creative flatlays and artful lighting that brings products up close and in focus for various brands.
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