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"How It Works" - It Really Is That Easy to Work With Images By Kelli

Updated: Mar 19

You stopped by my website and this blog caught your eye. GOOD! I'm glad you're here. As a business owner it may feel like you have 99 problems...Believe me when I say "product photography doesn't have to be one of them".

You’re interested in working with me, but are unsure of how it works… or even what it’s like to work with me. Those are completely valid questions/concerns, and while I offer a few different services… whether it’s a one time production shoot or a monthly subscription... the process of “how it works” and the experience of working with me are the same for both.

To get started, you’ll have reached out either via Instagram/FB DM or using the contact form on my website. During our communication (which can be a phone call or video via Zoom/Duo - It’s like we’ll grab a virtual coffee but if you’re local to Horry County, SC we can definitely make that a real coffee date), I’ll ask what service you are interested in, what type of products & how many, and various other details. Most importantly, what you are envisioning for your brand. However, do not worry if this is something you don’t have answers to, we can work all of this out during our “coffee date”.

Afterwards, I can provide inspiration based on your thoughts and we’ll create a plan that will leave you excited for the rest of the process! Once you have made your decision to work with me, I’ll create your contract and first invoice and send that over to you.

After the contract is signed and the invoice is paid… you’ll be getting your products ready to ship, based on what we’ve already discussed. Once that package is ready, you’ll ship it with your preferred carrier. Something important to note…UPS does not deliver to my address on Saturdays and FedEx does not overnight anything to me, ever. So, please do not pay for those add-ons when shipping.

This next part of the process is my favorite! Your production shoot! This is when I have the most fun - creating magic - by styling, staging, and photographing or filming your products. What you may not know, during this part of the process, is if the photos aren’t turning out the way that I like… I will re-shoot. This is why I have my turnaround times set up the way that I do. Doing photo shoots aren’t as easy as clicking a button. There’s so much thought, hard work, and post processing that goes into it. Which is what I consider fun!

Final part, and this will be YOUR favorite... Delivery day! This is when you will get an email that says “Your Gallery Is Ready”! Now, I’ve been told by one client that “This is like one of my favorite things to do….pick my images from you. It’s really exciting to get the galleries. Always an uplift!” and by another “wow . just wow. Can you stop with these beautiful images?!?! every month I want to buy them all”. Which is exactly how I want you to feel when going through your gallery. The only hard part about this process - will be choosing which images you want to keep!

And P.S. - No, I won’t stop giving you beautiful images! ;)

Now that you know that it really is that easy... Head over to the How To Reach Me page and let's get your session started!

Kelli is a product photographer located in South Carolina. Her specialties are creative flatlays and artful lighting that will bring products up close and in focus for various brands.

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