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My Favorite Ways to Create Content for You!

Product Photography, Monthly Subscriptions... there are so many photographers that have all these options (and more) out there, so let me run through my favorite ways to create content for YOU!

seamless white background with an amber colored dropper jar
White background image of Bare + Bloom's Bouillon.

1. E-Commerce Photos: These images are used to sell your product, mostly online. While these images are mostly created with a white background, I think using color can make your brand stand out from others that are selling similar items.

a jar and a bottle on a bone colored backdrop with a shadow behind them.
Bone colored background of Bare+Bloom's shave butter and beard oil

2. Creative Flatlays: These images are generally staged and photographed from above. However, stacklays are also an option; which are items (usually clothes) that are stacked on top of each other.

3. Seasonal/Holiday Themes: Need to promote a "Summer Sale" or show off your new Halloween cupcake toppers? From January to December and all the seasons/holidays in between I can create scenes for those.

4. Stop-motions: probably my absolute favorite in this list. Stop-motions is a technique that gives products motion. Read more here. They can show how a product can be used or it can be used as a creative post to show off your product on your social media platforms.

Kelli is a product photographer located in South Carolina. Her specialty is creative flatlays and artful lighting that brings products up close and in focus for various brands.
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